Weekly Prayer Points


Prayer points for 18th September 2020


1. This evening the fall feasts of the Lord begin, as Rosh Hashanah enters in at sundown, the basic instruction in scripture is to have a gathering and blow the shofar. In Leviticus 23, these feasts are called moedim – which indicates that God wants to use these special set-apart times to meet with His people. May you meeting with Him be all that He desires for it to be. We proclaim God as Creator and King. By the Word of YHWH were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth. Psalm 33:6, Revelation. 10:5-6, Psalm 19:1


2.   The enemy loves to harm Jews especially during the Lord's Feasts. Please pray for Judea-Samaria- Jerusalem areas – what the world calls the West Bank, or the occupied territories. Yet this is where most of the Bible stories took place. Thank You LORD for restoring to Israel its biblical heartland in the 1967 Six Day war Psalm 44:1-8.


3.   Aliyah: Pray that God will bring His people to His land because this is declared in His Word to be for His glory! Ezekiel 36:23-24


4.   The Body of Messiah: Most of the Church in the world is under such pressure, facing either physical, legal or spiritual persecution, that they barely have time to look up and realize what God is doing through restoring Israel to His land in preparation for the return of His Son. Lord Yeshua, wake up Your Body to have eyes to see how You have been fulfilling so many prophecies in preparation for Your return. Isaiah. 52:7-8


5.   Praying for Israel's salvation over the feasts is very timely and effective. Please pray for the Jews in Israel as well as those in other nations, let's believe for a mighty harvest to be reaped out of His people – for His holy name's sake. Romans 11:26-35


6.   LORD, we ask You to station Your angelic hosts on all of Israel's borders and if needed, for them to be revealed to both Israel and Israel's enemies. 2 Kings 6:16-17; Psalm 35:5-6; Malachi 1:5.


7.   LORD, please set Your angels on guard around the land especially at the normal trouble hotspots during this season. Psalm 91