Weekly Prayer Points


Zion’s Voice meeting 21st January 2022


For Zion’s Voice – Waiting on the LORD

1.   For a heart of thanksgiving for all that God has done in the last year. Psalm 138
2.   For an expectation of what God wants to do in the New Year 2022. Mark 11:24
3.   To be able to hear the voice of the Lord clearly. John 10:27-18
4.   For direction and guidance for the new season. Isaiah 48:17


Pray for the Nation of Israel and for her people


1.   Pray for the peace of Jerusalem - Pray for the peace of Jerusalem Psalm 122:6 and for it to remain the undivided capital Zechariah 2:5.


2.   Pray for Aliyah - We have seen an increase in Aliyah - and that is an answer to prayer! As we see an increase in anti-Semitism, more and more Jews are looking to come home to Israel. Jeremiah 31:10


3.   Pray for the IDF - Pray for the IDF, Police, and their families who are protecting their citizens around the clock. Deuteronomy 33:29


4.   Holocaust Survivors - Pray for the Holocaust survivors living in Israel, many of whom are struggling with deep poverty and severe neglect. Half of them are living below the poverty line and one in five has actually given up buying food.  Isaiah 40:1-2


5.   Pray for the church in Israel to understand the times in which we live and the urgency of the last hours before the return of Jesus. I Chronicles 12:32. Pray for prophetic revelation.


6.   Pray for Israel to understand the place that God has for both the Jews and the Gentiles. Jew and Gentile must work together to be a light to the nations.  Isaiah 42:6, Matthew 5:14-16.


7.   Pray for unity between the Jewish and the Arab congregations, despite wars and terrorist attacks. John 17:20


****Pray in the spirit for the Revival/Glory to fill the land****