Weekly Prayer Points


Zion’s Voice meeting 1st December 2023.


1.   Pray for a MIRACLE victory over the enemy very soon, as GOD did for Israel in the Six-Day War of 1967.Isaiah 31:4-5


2.   Please pray for wisdom from above for the government and military leaders. Joshua 1:6-9


3.   Pray for angelic protection over all of the IDF officers and soldiers inside Gaza, at the northern border, and in the West Bank, and for the success of their missions. Please pray for supernatural provision. Psalm 140:7–8


4.   Pray for a Blessed reuniting of the hostages who are being released, with their family and friends, and pray for supernatural healing for them both physical and emotional. Isaiah 26:3


5.   Please pray for the miraculous release of the rest of the hostages who have not yet been released and are still being held in Gaza. Psalm 20:1


6.   Pray for confusion in the camp of the enemy and the severing of communications between the enemies of Israel. Exodus 14:24-25


7.   Please pray that the LORD will reveal Himself and Messiah Yeshua to multitudes of Jews, Muslims, and people everywhere, through this conflict. Zechariah 12:2-10


****Pray in the spirit for the Revival/Glory to fill the land****